Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do I have to complete an in-patient treatment program to be accepted into Discovery House?

    We do not require each resident to have completed intensive in-patient treatment. Generally, we recommend that residents reserve a space in one of our homes while they are still in-patient at a treatment facility. This allows individuals to transition directly from the highly structured in-patient environment to another structured environment, greatly improving their chances for long term success. However, we do require that each resident accepted into Discovery House be focused on and serious about his recovery and have a minimum of 72 hours clean and sober.

  • Q. What happens if someone relapses while at Discovery House?

    We want to help our residents succeed in their recovery and at Discovery House we do what we can to help in that process. Even though relapse is not part of recovery, if it happens, the staff will help the resident get into detox or back into their primary treatment program. After 72 hours in detox or the resident’s primary care program, the resident may be re-admitted into Discovery House. If the resident does not want help, they will be discharged. Residents who bring drugs or alcohol onto the premises will not be allowed to return.

  • Q. What if I need additional services?

    Discovery House is available to assist our Residents by providing referrals to our vast network of community resources that include:

    • Detoxification Services
    • Professional Counseling
    • Court Liaison Services
    • Long-term Aftercare and Recovery planning
    • Extensive drug and alcohol education and relapse prevention counseling
  • Q. Is Discovery House the same as a halfway house?

    No. Therapy, treatment and formal counseling are not a part of our routine. Our approach succeeds because we encourage you to assume responsibility for yourself. We create a safe environment with minimal structure through sharing and self-discipline. We adhere to house standards because to violate them hurts our common goal: maintaining a supportive "family".

  • Q. When do I enter Discovery House?

    Ideally you reserve a space in one of our locations while you are in treatment. You would enroll in Discovery House during your final days and transfer immediately after discharge. We require that our residents either have completed a primary treatment program and be part of aftercare, or be currently involved in an outpatient treatment program.

  • Q. Are visitors allowed?

    Immediate family members and others previously approved by Discovery House are permitted to visit residents. Discovery House must be notified of all visits. In the event an unannounced visit from an approved visitor occurs the Resident is responsible to notify staff immediately.