Community Support

Community Support - Discovery House

Recovery is much more than maintaining sobriety. Recovery involves setting goals to foster independence and self confidence that will lead to success in many areas of life while maintaining a sober lifestyle. A key to element to this is to help our Residents address their vocational and employment needs.

Discovery House recognizes the importance of connections within the community to facilitate this process and is always seeking to expand the opportunities available to our Residents for employment, service, or volunteer opportunities. Please contact us with any ideas or resources your organization may have to help empower our residents.


Sober Living Outpatient - Discovery House

Sober Living Outpatient

Sober Living Outpatient treatment endeavors to provide evidence-based treatment modalities that are able to address core issues that continue to push recovering individuals to relapse.

The Crossroads Club - Discovery House

The Crossroads Club

The Crossroads Club provides a safe haven for anyone whose life has been adversely affected by,
or through, the use of addictive substances.

Growing, Inc. - Discovery House

Growing, Inc.

Low cost counseling/therapy is provided at the Growing, Inc. offices at 499 E. Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton. The offices of Growing, Inc. are staffed by fully licensed mental health professionals that oversee all student activities at the site.